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Soeteman-Hernandez, L.G. (author), Apostolova, M.D. (author), Bekker, C. (author), Dekkers, S. (author), Grafström, R.C. (author), Groenewold, M. (author), Handzhiyski, Y. (author), Herbeck-Engel, P. (author), Hoehener, K. (author), Karagkiozaki, V. (author), Kelly, S. (author), Kraegeloh, A. (author), Logothetidis, S. (author), Micheletti, C. (author), Nymark, P. (author), Oomen, A. (author), Oosterwijk, T. (author), Rodríguez-LLopis, I. (author), Sabella, S. (author), sanchez Jiménez, A. (author), Sips, A.J.A.M. (author), Suarez-Merino, B. (author), Tavernaro, I. (author), van Engelen, J. (author), Wijnhoven, S.W.P. (author), Noorlander, C.W. (author)
Nanotechnologies are characterized by a growing legacy of already marketed and novel manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs) and nano-enabled products with a lack of a coherent risk governance system to address their safety effectively. In response to this situation, a proactive system is needed to minimize the gap between the pace of innovation and...
article 2019
Burello, E. (author), Worth, A.P. (author)
article 2015