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Szigeti, T. (author), Dunster, C. (author), Cattaneo, A. (author), Spinazzè, A. (author), Mandin, C. (author), Le Ponner, E. (author), de Oliveira Fernandes, E. (author), Ventura, G. (author), Saraga, D.E. (author), Sakellaris, I.A. (author), de Kluizenaar, Y. (author), Cornelissen, E. (author), Bartzis, J.G. (author), Kelly, F.J. (author)
In the frame of the OFFICAIR project, office buildings were investigated across Europe to assess how the office workers are exposed to different particulate matter (PM) characteristics (i.e. PM2.5 mass concentration, particulate oxidative potential (OP) based on ascorbate and reduced glutathione depletion, trace element concentration and total...
article 2017