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Koodly Ravishankara, A. (author), Ă–zdemir, H. (author), van der Weide, E. (author)
The surface of wind turbine blades are prone to degradation due to exposure to the elements. Rain, hail, insects are among the many causes of turbine blade degradation or erosion. Surface degradation of the wind turbine blades leads to a reduction in the aerodynamic performance, resulting in power losses. The effect of surface degradation is...
article 2021
Vimalakanthan, K. (author), Boorsma, K. (author)
Numerical results for the 4.5 meter diameter wind tunnel tested Mexico rotor have been successfully established with two in-house CFD solvers (SU2 and OpenFoam) using a constant but relatively coarse grid. Still the simulations heavily suffered from limited computation power, in particular for SU2 which could not be parallelised efficiently and...
report 2018