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Dittrich, M.G. (author), de Roo, F. (author), van Zyl, P.S. (author), Jansen, S.T.H. (author), de Graaff, E. (author)
Tyre-road noise is still a major and growing issue in Europe. A recent study performed in The Netherlands for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment examined the benefits of widescale introduction of high quality labeled tyres, with ‘Triple A’ rating for rolling resistance, wet grip and noise. Two scenarios were investigated, one...
conference paper 2015
van Zyl, P.S. (author), van Goethem, S. (author), Jansen, S.T.H. (author), Kanarchos, S. (author), Rexeis, M. (author), Hausberger, S. (author), Smokers, R.T.M. (author)
report 2013