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Angmo, D. (author), Gonzalez-Valls, I. (author), Veenstra, S. (author), Verhees, W. (author), Sapkota, S. (author), Schiefer, S. (author), Zimmermann, B. (author), Galagan, Y.O. (author), Sweelssen, J. (author), Lira-Cantu, M. (author), Andriessen, H.A.J.M. (author), Kroon, J.M. (author), Krebs, F.C. (author)
article 2013
Reinink, F. (author), van Blokland, G. (author), de Roo, F. (author), Derksen, G.B. (author)
The CPX method (ISO/CD 11819-2) is regularly used for assessing the acoustic quality of road surface within the frame work of checking with compliance to contract requirements nd conformity-of-production. The reproducibility of the test procedure is investigated ith a Round Robin test in which 7 operators of CPX systems, coming from Belgium,...
conference paper 2011
Gevorgyan, S.A. (author), Medford, A.J. (author), Bundgaard, E. (author), Sapkota, S.B. (author), Schleiermacher, H.-F. (author), Zimmermann, B. (author), Würfel, U. (author), Chafiq, A. (author), Lira-Cantu, M. (author), Swonke, T. (author), Wagner, M. (author), Brabec, C.J. (author), Haillant, O. (author), Voroshazi, E. (author), Aernouts, T. (author), Steim, R. (author), Hauch, J.A. (author), Elschner, A. (author), Pannone, M. (author), Xiao, M. (author), Langzettel, A. (author), Laird, D. (author), Lloyd, M.T. (author), Rath, T. (author), Maier, E. (author), Trimmel, G. (author), Hermenau, M. (author), Menke, T. (author), Leo, K. (author), Rösch, R. (author), Seeland, M. (author), Hoppe, H. (author), Nagle, T.J. (author), Burke, K.B. (author), Fell, C.J. (author), Vak, D. (author), Singh, T.B. (author), Watkins, S.E. (author), Galagan, Y.O. (author), Manor, A. (author), Katz, E.A. (author), Kim, T. (author), Kim, K. (author), Sommeling, P.M. (author), Verhees, W.J.H. (author), Veenstra, S.C. (author), Riede, M. (author), Greyson Christoforo, M. (author), Currier, T. (author), Shrotriya, V. (author), Schwartz, G. (author), Krebs, F.C. (author)
A large number of flexible polymer solar modules comprising 16 serially connected individual cells was prepared at the experimental workshop at Risø DTU. The photoactive layer was prepared from several varieties of P3HT (Merck, Plextronics, BASF and Risø DTU) and two varieties of ZnO (nanoparticulate, thin film) were employed as electron...
article 2011