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Sijs, J. (author), van Vught, W. (author), Voogd, J. (author)
Autonomous robots that operate in indoor, uncertain environments move around from one location to the next to fulfill a set of ordered task. To do so, they need a floor plan of the building to plan their route. In case the building is unfamiliar to a robot it can employ online mapping techniques, though these techniques are resource intensive...
conference paper 2020
Weng, C.Y. (author), Tan, W.C. (author), Yuan, Q. (author), Chen, I.M. (author)
Given a robotic manipulation task, decision on which robotic configuration (robotic system and necessary peripherals, including assistant tools, sensor systems, and so on.) to use and evaluating performance of the solution remains as an open, challenging but a meaningful problem. This work attempts to address this problem by defining the concept...
article 2019
Kruijff, G.J.M. (author), Kruijff-Korbayová, I. (author), Keshavdas, S. (author), Larochelle, B. (author), Janíček, M. (author), Colas, F. (author), Liu, M. (author), Pomerleau, F. (author), Siegwart, R. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Looije, R. (author), Smets, N.J.J.M. (author), Mioch, T. (author), van Diggelen, J. (author), Pirri, F. (author), Gianni, M. (author), Ferri, F. (author), Menna, M. (author), Worst, R. (author), Linder, T. (author), Tretyakov, V. (author), Surmann, H. (author), Svoboda, T. (author), Reinštein, M. (author), Zimmermann, K. (author), Petříček, T. (author), Hlaváč, V. (author)
This paper describes our experience in designing, developing and deploying systems for supporting human-robot teams during disaster response. It is based on R&D performed in the EU-funded project NIFTi. NIFTi aimed at building intelligent, collaborative robots that could work together with humans in exploring a disaster site, to make a...
article 2014