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Rossebo, J.E.Y. (author), Fransen, F. (author), Luiijf, H.A.M. (author)
The SEGRID (Security for Smart Electricity GRIDs) collaboration project, funded by the EU under the FP7 program investigates risk assessment methodologies and their possible need for enhancement. In this paper we discuss the need to include threat actor analysis in threat, vulnerability and risk assessments for smart grids based on the first...
conference paper 2016
Wollenweber, J. (author), Busby, D. (author), Wessel-Berg, D. (author), Nepveu, M. (author), Bossie Codreanu, D. (author), Grimstad, A-A. (author), Sijacic, D. (author), Maurand, N. (author), Lothe, A. (author), Wahl, F. (author), Polak, S. (author), Boot, H. (author), Grøver, A. (author), Wildenborg, T. (author)
In this paper an integrated workflow is described for risk assessment within CCS. IFPEN, SINTEF and TNO joined forces to define a comprehensive and transparent risk assessment methodology. The tools developed in these institutes are thereby integrated. The workflow can be applied to proposed carbon storage sites. Starting with a qualitative...
article 2013
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Klaver, M.H.A. (author), Luiijf, H.A.M. (author), Nieuwenhuijs, A.H. (author), Cavenne, F. (author), Ulisse, A. (author), Bridegeman, G. (author)
Most risk assessment methodologies aim at the risk at the level of an individual organization or company. The European Union commissioned a study to define the elements for a uniform and scalable risk assessment methodology which takes into account critical infrastructure dependencies across organizations and sectors. The method can be applied...
conference paper 2008