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Brenninkmeijer, V. (author), Vink, M. (author), Dorenbosch, L.W. (author), Beudeker, D.A. (author), Rink, F. (author)
Using a task approach, this study examined the extent to which employee regulatory focus would “gravitate” employees towards promotion- versus prevention-oriented tasks within their jobs, and whether a subsequent regulatory fit/misfit would be associated with their well-being (i.e., mental health and job satisfaction). In a pre-study among 37...
article 2018
Beudeker, D.A. (author)
What motivates people, and when do they perform optimally at work? In this dissertation, a regulatory focus perspective is taken (RFT, Higgins, 1997) to provide answers to these important questions. The results of multiple studies, conducted in complex organizational environments are reported. In many of those environments, there is a clear...
doctoral thesis 2015