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Flinsenberg, T.W.H. (author), Ruys, J.H. (author), Engelberts, A.C. (author), van Velzen-Mol, H.W.M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
There are new insights into the pathogenesis of cot death ('sudden infant death syndrome'; SIDS). - Based on these new insights, the Dutch Paediatric Association and the Dutch Child and Youth Health Care Physicians have drawn up a new guideline 'Prevention of cot death', which replaces the consensus statement of 1996. The 2 major differences...
article 2008
Westerhof, B.E. (author), Gisolf, J. (author), Stok, W.J. (author), Wesseling A, K.H. (author), Karemaker, J.M. (author), TNO Biomedical Instrumentation Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
Objective: To test a new method (cross-correlation baroreflex sensitivity, xBRS) for the computation of time-domain baroreflex sensitivity on spontaneous blood pressure and heart interval variability using the EUROBAVAR data set. Methods: We applied xBRS to the 42 records in the EUROBAVAR data set, obtained from 21 patients in the lying and...
article 2004
TNO Biomedical Instrumentation (author), Kingma, R. (author), Voorde, B.J.ten (author), Scheffer, G.J. (author), Karemaker, J.M. (author), Mackaay, A.J.C. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), Lange, (author)
Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy at T2-T4 is an effective and safe treatment for primary axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis and facial blushing refractory to conventional treatment. T2 and T4 ganglia however are in the direct pathway of sympathetic innervation of the heart and part of the vasomotor nerves. In this study we investigate possible...
article 2002