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Anitori, L. (author), Otten, M.P.G. (author), Hoogeboom, P. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
In this paper we present some preliminary results on the application of Compressive Sensing (CS) to high resolution radar imaging. CS is a recently developed theory which allows reconstruction of sparse signals with a number of measurements much lower than what is required by the Shannon sampling theorem. This method has already found its way in...
conference paper 2010
Agrawal, D.K. (author), Kleiberg, T. (author), Papp, S. (author), Kooij, R.E. (author), van Mieghem, P. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Quality of Service (QoS) support in the current internet is indispensable because of QoS-sensitive real-time applications such as Voice-over-IP, IP-TV, video conferencing, online gaming etc. Since the introduction of the Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) architecture there has been considerable work reported in literature on its performance...
conference paper 2007