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Wasch, L.J. (author), Koenen, M. (author), Wollenweber, J. (author), ter Heege, J.H. (author), Tambach, T.J. (author)
Large scale implementation of CO2 storage can significantly reduce emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. However, safe and long-term containment of CO2 in storage reservoirs must be ensured. Wellbores in the subsurface present possible leakage pathways for CO2 to the surface and hence wellbore cement reactivity is of major concern....
conference paper 2013
Werner, F. (author), Veith, B. (author), Tiba, V. (author), Poodt, P.W.G. (author), Roozeboom, F. (author), Brendel, R. (author), Schmidt, J. (author)
Using aluminum oxide (<sub>Al2</sub> O<sub>3</sub>) films deposited by high-rate spatial atomic layer deposition (ALD), we achieve very low surface recombination velocities of 6.5 cm/s on p -type and 8.1 cm/s on n -type crystalline silicon wafers. Using spatially separated reaction zones instead of the conventional time-sequenced precursor...
article 2010