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Koster, S. (author), Leeman, W.R. (author), Verheij, E.R. (author), Dutman, A.E. (author), van Stee, L.L.P. (author), Munch Nielsen, L. (author), Ronsmans, S. (author), Noteborn, H. (author), Krul, L. (author)
A main challenge in food safety research is to demonstrate that processing of foodstuffs does not lead to the formation of substances for which the safety upon consumption might be questioned. This is especially so since food is a complex matrix in which the analytical detection of substances, and consequent risk assessment thereof, is difficult...
article 2015
Kleinnijenhuis, A.J. (author), Staal, Y.C.M. (author), Duistermaat, E. (author), Engel, R. (author), Woutersen, R.A. (author)
Formaldehyde (FA) is suspected of being associated with the development of leukemia. An inhalation experiment with FA was performed in rats to study whether FA can enter the blood and could thus cause systemic toxicity in remote tissues such as the bone marrow. Therefore, a sophisticated analytical method was developed to detect blood...
article 2013