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Erbe, C. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), de Jong, C.A.F. (author), Racca, R. (author), Stocker, M. (author)
As concern about anthropogenic noise and its impacts on marine fauna is increasing around the globe, data are being compared across populations, species, noise sources, geographic regions, and time. However, much of the raw and processed data are not comparable due to differences in measurement methodology, analysis and reporting, and a lack of...
conference paper 2016
Brandt, P. (author), Basten, A.A. (author), Stuijk, S. (author)
Patient observations in health care, subjective surveys in social research or dyke sensor data in water management are all examples of measurements. Several ontologies already exist to express measurements, W3C's SSN ontology being a prominent example. However, these ontologies address quantities and properties as being equal, and ignore the...
conference paper 2014
TNO Bouw (author), Böhms, M. (author), Leal, D. (author), Graves, H. (author)
This poster describes the scope and current work of the W3C Product Modelling Incubator Group.
conference paper 2008