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Landa, G. (author), Hamdi-Cherif, M. (author), Saussay, A. (author)
article 2020
Weng, C.Y. (author), Tan, W.C. (author), Yuan, Q. (author), Chen, I.M. (author)
Given a robotic manipulation task, decision on which robotic configuration (robotic system and necessary peripherals, including assistant tools, sensor systems, and so on.) to use and evaluating performance of the solution remains as an open, challenging but a meaningful problem. This work attempts to address this problem by defining the concept...
article 2019
van Wees, J.-D. (author), Juez-Larre, J. (author), Mijnlieff, H. (author), Kronimus, A. (author), van Gessel, S. (author), Kramers, L. (author), Obdam, A. (author), Verweij, H. (author), Bonté, D. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
In the recent years the use of geothermal energy through implementation of low enthalpy geothermal production systems for both electricity and heating have been growing rapidly in north-western Europe. Geothermal exploration and production takes largely place in sedimentary basins at depths from 2 to 5 km. Geothermal activities can take...
conference paper 2009