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Jacobs, J.J.L. (author), Lehé, C.L. (author), Cammans, K.D.A. (author), Das, P.K. (author), Elliott, G.R. (author)
The human organotypic skin explant culture (hOSEC) model is a promising alternative in vitro model for screening contact allergens. In this model, the chemical-induced migration of Langerhans cells (LCs) out of the epidermis, evaluated after a 24-h exposure period, is used as a measure of sensitizer potential. As skin irritants can also induce...
article 2004
Jacobs, J.J.L. (author), Lehé, C. (author), Cammans, K.D.A. (author), Das, P.K. (author), Elliott, G.R. (author)
We describe a new alternative method for screening for skin irritants by using fresh intact porcine skin biopsies. Test chemicals were applied to the epidermis of the biopsies, which were then incubated for different times in tissue culture medium at 37°C and with 5% carbon dioxide. A decrease in epidermal keratinocyte RNA staining, visualised...
article 2000