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van Dijk, T. (author), Kater, A. (author), Jansen, M. (author), Dondorp, W.J. (author), Blom, M. (author), Kemp, S. (author), Langeveld, M. (author), Cornel, M.C. (author), van der Pal, S.M. (author), Henneman, L. (author)
Neonatal bloodspot screening (NBS) aims to detect treatable disorders in newborns. The number of conditions included in the screening is expanding through technological and therapeutic developments, which can result in health gain for more newborns. NBS expansion, however, also poses healthcare, ethical and societal challenges. This qualitative...
article 2021
Scheerman, J.F.M. (author), van Loveren, C. (author), van Meijel, B. (author), Dusseldorp, E. (author), Wartewig, E. (author), Verrips, G.H.W. (author), Ket, J.C.F. (author), van Empelen, P. (author)
Objectives. This systematic and meta-analytic review aimed to quantify the association of psychosocial correlates with oral hygiene behaviour among 9- to 19-year olds. Methods. A systematic search up to August 2015 was carried out using the following databases: PubMed, PsycInfo, Embase, CINAHL and Web of Science. If necessary, authors of studies...
article 2016
Vogels, A.G.C. (author), Jacobusse, G.W. (author), Hoekstra, F. (author), Brugman, E. (author), Crone, M. (author), Reijneveld, S.A. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objective: To assess whether differences between individual Preventive Child Health Care (PCH) professionals in the percentage of children they identify as having psychosocial problems are larger than expected based on chance and whether such differences can be explained by differences in parent-reported problems or risk indicators. Study Design...
article 2008