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Looije, R. (author), Mioch, T. (author)
Motivation To analyse human errors and determine the underlying reason for these errors, in particular by investigating the error production mechanism cognitive lockup. Research approach A within subjects experiment has been conducted with 16 pilots in a high-fidelity and realistic environment. The independent variables were the cognitive task...
conference paper 2011
Mioch, T. (author), Harbers, M. (author), van Doesburg, W.A. (author), van den Bosch, K. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Ambient systems that explain their actions promote the user's understanding as they give the user more insight in the e®ects of their behavior on the environment. In order to provide individualized intelligent explanations, we need not only to evaluate a user's observable behavior, but we also need to make sense of the underlying beliefs,...
conference paper 2007