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Koopman, J. (author), Haverkate, F. (author), Grimbergen, J. (author), Lord, S.T. (author), Mosesson, M.W. (author), DiOrio, J.P. (author), Siebenlist, K.S. (author), Legrand, C. (author), Soria, J. (author), Soria, C. (author), Caen, J.P. (author), Instituut voor verouderings- en vaatziekten onderzoek TNO (author)
The molecular defect in the abnormal fibrinogen Dusart (Paris V) that is associated with thrombophilia was determined by sequence analysis of genomic DNA that had been amplified using the polymerase chain reaction. The propositus was heterozygous for a single base change (C → T) in the Aα- chain gene, resulting in the amino acid substitution Aα...
article 1993
Verschuur, M. (author), de Jong, M. (author), Felida, L. (author), de Maat, M.P.M. (author), Vos, H.L. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
An elevated plasma fibrinogen level is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Therefore, an understanding of the regulation of fibrinogen expression is important. Inflammation and genetic variation of the fibrinogen β gene regulate plasma fibrinogen levels, and there are indications that inflammation and genetic variation...
article 2005