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Konsman, M.J. (author), Wijbrandi, W.E. (author), Huitema, G.B. (author)
Energy Flexibility is the ability of smart devices to deviate from their normal energy producing or consuming behaviour, while still fulfilling their intended purpose, with the goal of contributing to the operation of the energy system. Energy Flexibility has the potential to counteract the mismatch between production and consumption of energy...
conference paper 2020
Schröder, P. (author), Vergragt, P. (author), Brown, H.S. (author), Dendler, L. (author), Gorenflo, N. (author), Matus, K. (author), Quist, J. (author), Rupprecht, C.D.D. (author), Tukker, A. (author), Wennersten, R. (author)
Urban consumption patterns and lifestyles are increasingly important for the sustainability of cities today and in the future. However, considerations of consumption issues, social norms, behaviour and lifestyles within current urban sustainability research and practices are limited. Much untapped potential for the reduction of the environmental...
article 2019