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Velikova, M. (author), Ypma, A. (author), Bratosin, C. (author), Lemmen, V. (author), van Wijk, R.J. (author)
Controlling the operations and resolving product performance issues in today’s high-tech production systems, such as semiconductor fabs, becomes a cumbersome task, even for experienced field engineers. To address the pressing need for assisted diagnostics approaches, in this paper we propose a model-based step-wise methodology, based on domain...
conference paper 2019
Huijbrechts, B. (author), Velikovaa, M. (author), Michels, S. (author), Scheepens, R. (author)
Deliver “actionable” intelligence instead of just raw information – this is what the Metis research project pursues for supporting operational work in domains characterized by constantly evolving situations with a diversity of entities, complex interactions and high-level uncertainty in the information gathered. Operating effectively in such...
article 2015