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van Gendt, A.W. (author), van der Pal, S.M. (author), Hermes, W. (author), Walther, F.J. (author), van der Pal-de Bruin, K.M. (author), de Groot, C.J.M. (author)
The aims of this study were to analyze reproductive outcomes of women and men born very preterm (gestational age <32 weeks) or with a very low birth weight (<1500 g) in 1983 in the Netherlands and to compare their reproductive outcomes with the total population at a similar age of 28 years. Young adults who were born after a pregnancy...
article 2015
Verloove-Vanhorick, S.P. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Due to ever-improving medical technology over the course of the last century, the limit of viability has been lowered from around 32 weeks of gestation, first to 28 weeks and, in recent decades, to as low as less than 24 weeks. Long-term follow-up studies (Project on Preterm and Small-for- Gestational-Age Infants, Leiden Follow-up Project on...
article 2006