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Kamphuis, M. (author), Obenhuijsen, N.H. (author), van Dommelen, P. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), Verkerk, P.H. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The main goal of this guideline for preventive child health care (PCHC) is to improve early detection of disorders that induce short stature. Based on research, evidence-based referral criteria for children aged 0-10 years with a short stature were formulated. These criteria are important for all professionals working with children, such as PCHC...
article 2010
van Dommelen, P. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author), van Leerdam, F.J.M. (author), de Wilde, J.A. (author), Rijpstra, A. (author), Campagne, A.E. (author), Verkerk, P.H. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objective: To assess the short- and long-term effects of 3 simple behavioral interventions to overcome nocturnal enuresis in young children. Study design: We performed a randomized controlled trial in children aged four to five years with mono-symptomatic nocturnal enuresis (n = 570). The children were placed in one of four groups: (1) lifting...
article 2009
TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), van Dommelen, P. (author), Grote, F.K. (author), Oostdijk, W. (author), Muinck Keizer de, (author), Schrama, S.M.P.F. (author), Boersma, B. (author), Damen, G.M. (author), Csizmadia, C.G. (author), Verkerk, P.H. (author), Wit, J.M. (author), van Buuren, S. (author)
Background: It is generally assumed that most patients with celiac disease (CD) have a slowed growth in terms of length (or height) and weight. However, the effectiveness of slowed growth as a tool for identifying children with CD is unknown. Our aim is to study the diagnostic efficiency of several growth criteria used to detect CD children....
article 2008