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Nycander, E. (author), Morales España, G.A. (author), Söder, L. (author)
The planning of future power systems with high shares of renewable generation requires modelling large and complex systems over long time periods, resulting in models which are computationally heavy to solve. For this reason methods that can be used to decrease the size of power system dispatch models are needed. A common method in large scale...
article 2022
Helisto, N. (author), Kiviluoma, J. (author), Morales España, G.A. (author), O'Dwyer, C. (author)
Planning of future energy systems with higher prevalence of wind and solar energy requires a careful representation of the temporal and operational characteristics of the system in the investment planning model. This study aims to identify the aspects that should be considered when selecting the representation for a particular system. To...
article 2021
Tejada-Arango, D.A. (author), Morales-Espana, G.A. (author), Wogrin, S. (author)
article 2020