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Berzins, J. (author), Indrisiūnas, S. (author), Fasold, S. (author), Steinert, M. (author), Zukovskaja, O. (author), Cialla-May, D. (author), Gecys, P. (author), Bäumer, S.M.B. (author), Pertsch, T. (author), Setzpfandt, F. (author)
Optically resonant high-index dielectric metasurfaces featuring Mie-type electric and magnetic resonances are usually fabricated by means of planar technologies, which limit the degrees of freedom in tunability and scalability of the fabricated systems. Therefore, we propose a complimentary post-processing technique based on ultrashort (≤ 10 ps)...
article 2020
van de Burgt, Y. (author), Champion, A. (author), Bellouard, Y. (author)
Carbon nanotube assemblies can be used for specific applications such as sensors and filters. We present a method and proof-of-concept to directly grow vertically-aligned carbon nanotube structures within sealed enclosures by means of a feedback-controlled laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique. The process is compatible with a...
article 2013