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Houben, M.E. (author), Barnhoorn, A. (author), Wasch, L. (author), Trabucho-Alexandre, J. (author), Peach, C.J. (author), Drury, M.R. (author)
The Toarcian (Early Jurassic) Posidonia Shale Formation is a possible unconventional gas source in Northern Europe and occurs within the Cleveland Basin (United Kingdom), the Anglo-Paris Basin (France), the Lower Saxony Basin and the Southwest Germany Basin (Germany), and the Roer Valley Graben, the West Netherlands Basin, Broad Fourteens Basin,...
article 2016
ter Heege, J.H. (author), Zijp, M.H.A.A. (author), Nelskamp, S. (author), Douma, L.A.N.R. (author), Verreussel, R.M.C.H. (author), ten Veen, J.H. (author), de Bruin, G. (author), Peters, M.C.A.M. (author)
Sweet spot identification in underexplored shale gas basins needs to be based on a limited amount of data on shale properties in combination with upfront geological characterization and modelling, because actual production data is usually absent. Multidisciplinary reservoir characterization and integration of modelling approaches can aid initial...
article 2015
Zijp, M. (author), ten Veen, J. (author), Ventra, D. (author), Verreussel, R. (author), van Laerhoven, L. (author), Boxem, T. (author)
This study shows the first results of an ongoing project on the characterization of variations in lithological- and geomechanical properties of targetted gas shale formations. The aim of this study is to get an increased insight into both the fraccability and productivity of a shale formations. Ultimately, this can lead to better localization of...
conference paper 2014