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Candela, T. (author), Goncalves Machado, C. (author), Leeuwenburgh, O. (author), ter Heege, J.H. (author)
A newly developed modelling framework is presented which specifically focusses on the central Oklahoma case and the high-volume injection of wastewater, which led to a surge of induced seismicity. However, the modelling framework is versatile enough to be applied to any anthropogenic subsurface activities and should be seen as a good practice to...
article 2022
Wassing, B.B.T. (author), Gan, Q. (author), Candela, T. (author), Fokker, P.A. (author)
Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) involve hydraulic stimulation of the permeability of deep low-permeable rock formations. This causes the reactivation and opening of pre-existing natural fracture networks and the formation of new fractures. During hydraulic stimulation, injection pressures at the bottom of the injection well can reach...
article 2021