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Feigenbaum, A. (author), Dole, P. (author), Aucejo, S. (author), Dainelli, D. (author), de la Cruz Garcia, C. (author), Hankemeier, T. (author), N'Gono, Y. (author), Papaspyrides, C.D. (author), Paseiro, P. (author), Pastorelli, S. (author), Pavlidou, S. (author), Pennarun, P.Y. (author), Saillard, P. (author), Vidal, L. (author), Vitrac, O. (author), Voulzatis, Y. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Functional barriers are multilayer structures deemed to prevent migration of some chemicals released by food-contact materials into food. In the area of plastics packaging, different migration behaviours of mono- and multilayer structures are assessed in terms of lag time and of their influence of the solubility of the migrants in food simulants...
article 2005
Meijster, T. (author), Burstyn, I. (author), van Wendel de Joode, B. (author), Posthumus, M.A. (author), Kromhout, H. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
The goal of this study was to monitor emission of chemicals at a factory where plastics products were fabricated by a new robotic (impregnated tape winding) production process. Stationary and personal air measurements were taken to determine which chemicals were released and at what concentrations. Principal component analyses (PCA) and linear...
article 2004
Geuskens, R.B.M. (author), van der Klaauw, M.M. (author), van der Tuin, J. (author), van Hemmen, J.J. (author), Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
A study of the health hazards for workers exposed to styrene in the Dutch glass-reinforced plastics industry was undertaken. The open mould techniques of filament winding, spraying and hand laminating were chosen for study because exposure of workers using them was expected to be high. Occupational hygiene surveys were conducted in four plants....
article 1992