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Krause, F. (author), Bosch, T. (author), Wilschut, E. (author), van Rhijn, G. (author)
Technology aimed at providing cognitive support to operators in the manufacturing industry, is developing rapidly. Through technologies such as near-eye displays and augmented and mixed reality, the operator receives digital information and instructions to help the operator learn, and work efficiently and accurately. Companies, especially SMEs,...
bookPart 2023
Jansen, A.E. (author), Assink, J.W. (author), Hanemaaijer, J.H. (author), van Medevoort, J. (author), van Sonsbeek, E. (author)
Membrane distillation is an attractive technology for extracting fresh water from seawater. Newly developed modules have been used in pilot tests and bench scale tests to demonstrate the potential of producing excellent product water quality in a single step, little need for water pretreatment and a thermal energy requirement of approximately...
article 2013
Langenhoff, A.A.M. (author), Staps, J.J.M. (author), Pijls, C. (author), Alphenaar, A. (author), Zwiep, G. (author), Rijnaarts, H.H.M. (author), TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie (author)
The pollution of soil and groundwater with hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) has caused serious environmental problems. Mineralisation of some HCH isomers can be expected under aerobic conditions whereas all isomers are known to be bioconverted to intermediate products under anaerobic conditions. Hence, redox conditions can be expected to have strong...
conference paper 2000