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Huijbregts, L.J. (author), Brom, H.B. (author), Brokken-Zijp, J.C.M. (author), Kemerink, M. (author), Chen, Z. (author), de Goeje, M.P. (author), Yuan, M. (author), Michels, M.A.J. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
Phthalcon-11 (aquocyanophthalocyaninatocobalt (III)) forms semiconducting nanocrystals that can be dispersed in epoxy coatings to obtain a semiconducting material with a low percolation threshold. We investigated the structure-conductivity relation in this composite and the deviation from its optimal realization by combining two techniques. The...
article 2006
Chemisch laboratorium TNO (author)
book 1973