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Burghouts, G.J. (author), Schutte, K. (author), Bouma, H. (author), den Hollander, R.J.M. (author)
In this paper, a system is presented that can detect 48 human actions in realistic videos, ranging from simple actions such as ‘walk’ to complex actions such as ‘exchange’. We propose a method that gives a major contribution in performance. The reason for this major improvement is related to a different approach on three themes: sample selection...
article 2013
van Eekeren, A.W.M. (author), Dijk, J. (author), Burghouts, G. (author)
Airborne platforms are recording large amounts of video data. Extracting the events which are needed to see is a timedemanding task for analysts. The reason for this is that the sensors record hours of video data in which only a fraction of the footage contains events of interest. For the analyst, it is hard to retrieve such events from the...
conference paper 2014