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van Rossum, W.L. (author), Nennie, F. (author), Deiana, D. (author), van der Veen, A.J. (author), Monni, S. (author)
The electrical properties of tissues samples are required for investigation and simulation purposes in biomedical applications of EM sensors. While available open literature mostly deals with ex-vivo characterization of isolated tissues, knowledge on dielectric properties of these tissues in their original environment is essential for an...
conference paper 2014
Mikkenie, R. (author), Steigelmann, O. (author), Groen, W.A. (author), ten Elshof, J.E. (author)
The effect of Y2O3 concentration on the dielectric properties of ceramic disc capacitors and multilayer capacitors containing 50 dielectric layers with an approximate thickness of 3┬Ám were investigated. The relative permittivity and temperature coefficient of capacity of multilayer capacitors at low and high applied field suggest that two types...
article 2012