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Correia Grácio, B.J. (author), de Winkel, K.N. (author), Groen, E.L. (author), Wentink, M. (author), Bos, J.E. (author)
Without visual feedback, humans perceive tilt when experiencing a sustained linear acceleration. This tilt illusion is commonly referred to as the somatogravic illusion. Although the physiological basis of the illusion seems to be well understood, the dynamic behavior is still subject to discussion. In this study, the dynamic behavior of the...
article 2013
Wentink, M. (author), Correia Grácio, B.J. (author), Bles, W. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
In the real world in which we move around, inertial and visual motion are usually equal; what you see is what you feel. In a simulator, however, this is usually not the case. On the contrary, due to the relatively small motion space of even the largest simulators, the inertial motion cues must be filtered and scaled down considerably. Typically,...
conference paper 2009