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Walraven, J. (author), Werner, J.S. (author)
The locus of unique white was measured for two observers over a wide range of stimulus intensities, using both direct matching and absolute judgements. Chromaticity coordinates of each observer's unique white were found to be invariant over a range of about 4 log units. This result is discussed in the context of the class of models that explain...
article 1991
Vos, J.J. (author), Estevez, O. (author), Walraven, P.L. (author), Instituut voor Zintuigfysiologie TNO (author)
New action spectra are derived for the foveal cones on the basis of three assumptions: (1) the Stiles-Burch (1959) colorimetric data are better than CIE 1931; (2) the long wavelength flanks of the dichromatic luminosity functions offer better anchorage than the confusion loci; and (3) the relative mutual heights per receptor can be derived from...
article 1990