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Koopmans, L. (author), Damen, N. (author), Wagner, C. (author)
Objectives Many European countries face challenges in long-term care for older people, such as the growing number of older people requiring care, the increasing complexity of their health care problems, and a decreasing workforce that is inadequately prepared. Optimizing the staff and skill mix of health care teams may offer part of the solution...
article 2018
van der Klauw, D.M. (author), de Koning, L. (author), Hollander, I. (author), van Rijk, R. (author), Bakhuys Roozeboom, M.M.C. (author), Schoone-Harmsen, M. (author), Vrijhoef, H.J.M. (author), van der Kleij, R. (author), Schraagen, J.M.C. (author)
Decentralisation of health and social care support for older people and people with chronic conditions makes municipalities and healthcare organisations explore activities beyond their organisational borders. Such an ‘integrated approach’ builds on strong multidisciplinary cooperation, which has many challenges. To deal effectively with these...
article 2016
Schuller, A.A. (author), van Overbeek, K. (author), Ooijendijk, W.T. (author)
The opinions of professional dental organisations, the government (Ministry of Health), patient organizations and the medical assurance companies are collected on the question whether patients could visit the dental hygienist without being seen by a dentist first. The general opinion is that this could be possible for those treatments for which...
article 2005