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Haasdijk, E. (author), Smit, S.K. (author), Eiben, A.E. (author)
In traditional evolutionary robotics, robot controllers are evolved in a separate design phase preceding actual deployment; we call this off-line evolution. Alternatively, robot controllers can evolve while the robots perform their proper tasks, during the actual operational phase; we call this on-line evolution. In this paper we describe three...
article 2012
van Lambalgen, R. (author), van Maanen, P.P. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
In this paper it is explored whether personalisation of an existing computational model of attention can increase the model's validity. Computational models of attention are for instance applied in attention allocation support systems and can benefit from this increased validity. Personalisation is done by tuning the model's parameters during a...
conference paper 2010