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TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Toet, A. (author), Groen, E.l. (author), Oosterbeek, M.T.J. (author), Hooge, I.T.C. (author)
We tested the saliency of a single vibrotractile target (T) among 2 to 7 nontargets (N), presented by 8 tactors that were equally distributed over a horizontal band around the torso. Targets and nontargets had different pulse duration, but the same activation period and no onset asynchrony. T-N similarity was varied by changing the difference...
conference paper 2008
Theeuwes, J. (author), Kooi, F.L. (author)
When a target object embedded in an array of other objects can be distinguished along a single feature dimension (e.g., colour or shape), it can be detected in parallel. When a target object is defined by a conjunction of stimulus features, search has to be conducted serially, indicating that the visual system is incapable of conducting a...
article 1994
Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium TNO (author), Meiler, P.P. (author)
FEL heeft een SPR (Spatio-temporeel Pattern Recognition) neuraal nerwerk geïmplementeerd om vervormde woorden en/of delen van zinnen, in dit geval de namen van schepen, te herkennen in een real-time toepassing. Deze namen kunnen vervormd worden door transmissie en/of type fouten. SPR legt de nadruk op de volgorde van de karakters in een woord....
conference paper 1990