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Dankert-Roelse, J.E. (author), Bouvs, M.J. (author), Jakobs, B.S. (author), Janssens, H.M. (author), de Winter-de Groot, K.M. (author), Schonbeck, Y. (author), Gille, J.J.P. (author), Gulmans, V.A.M. (author), Verschoof-Puite, R.K. (author), Schielen, P.C.J.I. (author), Verkerk, P.H. (author)
Background Newborn screening for cystic fibrosis (NBSCF) was introduced in the Dutch NBS program in 2011 with a novel strategy. Methods Dutch NBSCF consisted of four steps: immuno-reactive trypsin (IRT), Pancreatitis-associated Protein (PAP), DNA analysis by Inno-LiPa (35 mutations), extended gene analysis (EGA) as fourth step and as safety net....
article 2019
van der Ploeg, C.P.B. (author), van den Akker-van Marle, M.E. (author), Vernooij-van Langen, A.M.M. (author), Elvers, L.H. (author), Gille, J.J.P. (author), Verkerk, P.H. (author), Dankert-Roelse, J.E. (author), Loeber, J.G. (author), Triepels, R.H. (author), van der Pal, S.M. (author), Dompeling, E. (author), Pals, G. (author), Gulmans, V.A.M. (author), Oey-Spauwen, M.J.W. (author), Wijnands, Y.H.H.M. (author), Castricum, L.M. (author), Arets, H.G.M. (author), van der Ent, C.K. (author), Tiddens, H.A.W.M. (author), de Rijke, Y.B. (author), Yntema, J.B. (author)
BACKGROUND: Previous cost-effectiveness studies using data from the literature showed that newborn screening for cystic fibrosis (NBSCF) is a good economic option with positive health effects and longer survival. METHODS: We used primary data to compare cost-effectiveness of four screening strategies for NBSCF, i.e. immunoreactive trypsinogen...
article 2015