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Muehleisen, W. (author), Loeschnig, J. (author), Feichtner, M. (author), Burgers, A.R. (author), Bende, E.E. (author), Zamini S., (author), Yerasimou, Y. (author), Kosel, J. (author), Hirschl, C. (author), Georghiou, G.E. (author)
Bifacial solar panels installed on flat rooftop of industrial buildings are an effective way to boost the yield. The albedo of the flat roof determines to great extent the bifacial gain. However, because it changes due to soiling and moss growth, the power output of bifacial PV installations over time is difficult to calculate. For the purpose...
article 2021
Newman, B.K. (author), Carr, A.J. (author), Jansen, M.J. (author), Goma, E.G. (author), Kloos, M.J.H. (author), de Groot, K.M. (author), van Aken, B.B. (author)
We characterize four types of bifacial modules with three different methods that have been proposed by the community. One method approximates rear irradiance with increased front side irradiance. The other two utilize light directly radiating on the rear side of the module. We describe the setup, the calibration, and the resulting errors...
conference paper 2018