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Mione, M.A. (author), Creyghton, Y. (author), Engeln, R. (author), Kessels, W.M.M. (author), Roozeboom, F. (author)
conference paper 2018
Mione, M.A. (author), Katsouras, I. (author), Creyghton, Y. (author), van Boekel, W. (author), Maas, J. (author), Gelinck, G. (author), Roozeboom, F. (author), Illiberi, A. (author)
High permittivity (high-k) materials have received considerable attention as alternatives to SiO2 for CMOS and low-power flexible electronics applications. In this study, we have grown high-quality ZrO2 by using atmospheric-pressure plasma-enhanced spatial ALD (PE-sALD), which, compared to temporal ALD, offers higher effective deposition rates...
article 2017