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Riedel-Lyngskær, N. (author), Santamaría Lancia, A.A. (author), Plag, F. (author), Kröger, I. (author), Vogt, M.R. (author), Schinke, C. (author), Davidsen, R.S. (author), Amdemeskel, M. (author), Jansen, M.J. (author), Manshanden, P. (author), Slooff-Hoek, L.H. (author), Carr, A.J. (author), Bliss, M. (author), Betts, T. (author), Mayo, M.E. (author), Jauregui, I.P. (author), Balenzategui, J.L (author), Roldan, R. (author), Bellenda, G. (author), Caccivio, M. (author), Kräling, U. (author), Neuberger, F. (author), Zirzow, D. (author), Crimmins, J. (author), Robinson, C. (author), King, B. (author), Teasdale, W. (author), Kedir, C. (author), Watts, J. (author), Desharnais, R. (author), Poulsen, P.B. (author), Jakobsen, M.L. (author), dos Reis Benatto, G.A. (author)
This paper presents the results from an extensive interlaboratory comparison of angular-dependent measurements on encapsulated photovoltaic (PV) cells. Twelve international laboratories measure the incident angle modifier of two unique PV devices. The absolute measurement agreement is ±2.0% to the weighted mean for angles of incidence (AOI) < 65...
article 2020
van Deelen, J. (author), Rendering, H. (author), 't Mannetje, H.H. (author), Klerk, L. (author), Hovestad, A. (author)
At present, transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) are still superior in performance to most other transparent conductors. Results on opto-electronic modeling and design optimization of TCOs are presented using a monolithically integrated CIGS cell configuration as case. For various cell dimensions and TCO characteristics, the cell output was...
conference paper 2012