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TNO Industrie en Techniek (author), Hinnen, K.J.G. (author), Verhaegen, M.H. (author), Doelman, N.J. (author)
Even though the wavefront distortion introduced by atmospheric turbulence is a dynamic process, its temporal evolution is usually neglected in the adaptive optics (AO) control design. Most AO control systems consider only the spatial correlation in a separate wavefront reconstruction step. By accounting for the temporal evolution of the...
conference paper 2005
Fdez-Vidal, X.R. (author), Toet, A. (author), Garcia, J.A. (author), Fdez-Valdivia, J. (author)
This paper presents three computational visual distinctness measures, computed from image representational models based on selective filtering, statistical features, and visual patterns, respectively. They are applied to quantify the visual distinctness of targets in complex natural scenes. The measure that applies a simple decision rule to the...
article 2000