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Vos, J.J. (author)
Two centuries ago, Goethe wrote in his Farbenlehre about blue as a receding colour, against yellow/red as a colour 'piercing into the organ'. Though any verification of these psychological attributes seems to be absent, this depth effect in colour still seems to be taken for granted in art history. In visual science, the completely different and...
article 2008
Mesland, B.S. (author), Wertheim, A.H. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
A visual illusion is reported which comprises the following: when a monitor with a moving constant velocity grating is swayed in front of a subject, the grating may be perceived as freezing or decelerating on the screen. This percept appears to depend on the magnitude and direction of the retinal grating velocity, relative to that of the moni...
article 1996
Wertheim, A.H. (author), van Gelder, P. (author)
When the eyes pursue a fixation point that sweeps across a moving background pattern, and the fixation point is suddenly made to stop, the ongoing motion of the background pattern seems to accelerate to a higher velocity. Experiment I showed that this acceleration illusion is not caused by the sudden change in (i) the relative velocity between...
article 1990