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de Jong, A.N. (author), van Eijk, A.M.J. (author), Cohen, L.H. (author), Fritz, P.J. (author), Gunter, W.H. (author), Vrahimisb, G. (author), Faith, J. (author)
The FATMOSE trial (False Bay Atmospheric Experiment) is a continuation of the cooperative work between TNO and IMT on atmospheric propagation and point target detection and identification in a maritime environment (South Africa). The atmospheric transmission, being of major importance for target detection, was measured with the MSRT multiband...
conference paper 2011
de Jong, A.N. (author), Cohen, L.H. (author), Moerman, M.M. (author)
Scattering by atmospheric aerosols is one of the environmental parameters determining the range performance of optical and infrared sensors. Extinction of the target contrast along the path due to scattering is difficult to estimate in real operational conditions due to uncertainties in the size distribution of the particles, their constitution...
conference paper 2004