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Mohammadi, M. (author), Atashin, A.A. (author), Hofman, W. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author)
conference paper 2019
Mohammadi, M. (author), Hofman, W. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author)
Simulated annealing-based ontology matching (SANOM) participates for the second time at the ontology alignment evaluation initiative (OAEI) 2018. This paper contains the configuration of SANOM and its results on the anatomy and conference tracks. In comparison to the OAEI 2017, SANOM has improved significantly, and its results are competitive...
conference paper 2018
Mohammadia, M. (author), Atashinb, A. (author), Hofman, W.J. (author), Tana, Y.H. (author)
Simulated annealing-based ontology matching [1], or SANOM, is an ontology alignment system which ex-ploits the well-known simulated annealing to find the correspondences. The system considers three differ-ent similarity measures, namely string-based, linguistic-based and structural-based measures. A rudimen-tary version of the proposed method is...
conference paper 2017