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Agrawal, D.K. (author), Kleiberg, T. (author), Papp, S. (author), Kooij, R.E. (author), van Mieghem, P. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Quality of Service (QoS) support in the current internet is indispensable because of QoS-sensitive real-time applications such as Voice-over-IP, IP-TV, video conferencing, online gaming etc. Since the introduction of the Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) architecture there has been considerable work reported in literature on its performance...
conference paper 2007
Degrande, N. (author), de Vleeschauwer, D. (author), Kooij, R.E. (author), Mandjes, M.R.H. (author), TNO Informatie- en communicatietechnologie (author)
In First Person Shooter (FPS) games the Round Trip Time (RTT), i.e., the sum of the network delay from client to server and the network delay from server to client, impacts the gamer's performance considerably. Game client software usually has a built-in process to measure this RTT (also referred to as ping time), and therefore gamers do not...
conference paper 2006