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Brasjen, B.J. (author), Veltin, J. (author), Hansen, J.H. (author)
The present work focuses on experimental evidence of slug mitigation via various devices. The slug mitigation potential of a number of mixers was tested using a laboratory scale air/water setup to compare their effect on the incoming slugs just upstream of the separator inlet. Dedicated methods and key performance indicators were developed to...
conference paper 2014
Smith, P. (author), Berg, J.I. (author), Eidsvig, S. (author), Magnus, I. (author), Verhelst, F.J.P.C.M.G. (author), Helgesen, J. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
The saga petroleum, discoverer of Snorre Field, describe's how 3-D seismic surveys are used to determine the value of time-lapse seismic data for field management. Careful examination of the repeatability of the time-lapse data sets, before interpretation stark, establishes a framework defining the reliability of subsequent time-lapse analysis....
article 2001