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Eijk, A. (author), Egas, G. (author), Smeulers, J.P.M. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
In systems with large reciprocating compressors, so-called compressor manifold vibrations can contribute to fatigue failure of the pipe system. These vibrations are excited by pulsation-induced forces and by forces generated by the compressor. This paper describes an advanced and accurate method for predicting vibration levels and cyclic...
article 1996
Instituut voor Milieuwetenschappen TNO (author), Cox, H.H.J. (author)
Styrene is an environmental pollutant, emitted in large quantities to the atmosphere by various industrial sectors. Legislation requires industry to reduce the emission of styrene. One option to purify industrial waste gases is biological treatment in biofilters.
doctoral thesis 1995
Collet, P.J. (author), Hoofdgroep Maatschappelijke Technologie TNO (author)
The economics of small scale gas turbine based cogeneration systems are analyzed on the basis of avoided costs for an electric utility exploiting such systems. This concerns a theoretical study in which the cogeneration system as a means for electricity generation is assumed to supplant the building of new central electricity generating plant....
conference paper 1989