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Soppe, W. (author), Kingma, A. (author), Roosen, D. (author)
This paper describes mechanical degradation experiments carried out to simulate possible bending effects of flexible CIGS modules when mounted on flexible floaters on sea. In an offshore environment the PV modules are subjected to millions of deformations per year. It is concluded that the strain induced by the bending can lead to serious...
conference paper 2022
Dragt, R.C. (author), Van Den Heuvel, W. (author), Gelinck, E.R.M. (author), Slot, H.M. (author)
In the offshore industry, fibre reinforced sliding journal bearings are increasingly used due to their low-maintenance and self-lubricating characteristics. To be able to use the bearings in the rough offshore environment, under heavy loading, full scale tests are essential to assess the friction and wear rate development during use. For this...
conference paper 2015
de Oliveira Filho, J. (author), Papp, Z. (author)
Electricity generation on offshore wind parks has an increasing economic importance - the European Commission foresees that 12% of the wind energy will be produced on offshore installations by 2020, and this share is likely to increase further in the following years. However, the continuously varying offshore environment and the interaction...
conference paper 2011