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Li, C. (author), Coolen, J.W.P. (author), Scherer, L. (author), Mogollon, J.M. (author), Braeckman, U. (author), Vanaverbeke, J. (author), Tukker, A. (author), Steubing, B. (author)
Large-scale offshore wind energy developments represent a major player in the energy transition but are likely to have (negative or positive) impacts on marine biodiversity. Wind turbine foundations and sour protection often replace soft sediment with hard substrates, creating artificial reefs for sessile dwellers. Offshore wind farm (OWF)...
article 2023
Rasmussen, H.B. (author), Drupsteen, L. (author), Dyreborg, J. (author)
Background: The oil and gas industry in the Danish sector of the North Sea has always focused on reducing work-related accidents. Over the years, accident rates have been reduced, and near-miss reporting has gained in importance, because it allows the industry to learn from experience and prevent further accidents. Because of this importance,...
article 2013
Molag, M. (author), Dam, C. (author)
In the near future large quantities of CO2 will be transported over a large distance from Carbon dioxide Capture plants to onshore and off-shore underground Storage (CCS) sites. The risk assessments for the existing CO2 pipelines show distances to harmful threshold concentrations from 1 to 7.2 km. Such large differences in safety distances are...
conference paper 2011