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de Kock, C.A. (author), Lucassen, P.L. (author), Akkermans, R.P. (author), Knottnerus, J.A. (author), Buijs, P.C. (author), Steenbeek, R. (author), Lagro-Janssen, A.L. (author)
Background. Perception by workers of their health problems as work-related is possibly associated with sickness absence (SA). The aim of this study was to to study the relationship between perceived work-relatedness of health problems and SA among workers who visit their GP, taking the influence of other potential determinants into account and...
article 2020
de Kock, C. (author), Noben, C. (author), Lagro-Janssen, A. (author), Lucassen, P. (author), Steenbeek, R. (author)
Background Assessing the cost effectiveness of training aimed at increasing general practitioners’ (GP) work awareness and patients’ work-related self-efficacy and quality of life. Methods A cluster randomized controlled trial in twenty-six GP practices in the southeast of the Netherlands with 32 participating GPs. GPs working in an intervention...
article 2019